Criminals With Badges Blossom in US

Criminals with Badges have blossomed in the country in the past five years but society continues to give them a reason to be proud of their wrongdoings. Beware of the day of reckoning!

If one was to believe the explanation provided every time a police officer is caught in wrongdoing (brutality, unjustified use of force, killing), there is just a “few bad apples” in law enforcement. Although I’m unsure how “few bad apples” is defined, I’m certain there are “TOO MANY few bad apples” in the police force.

For the past five years, across the country, any encounter with a police officer by someone in the minority group is almost always fatal – if not deadly – for the individual. With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, most police officers behave as if they have a mandate to murder minorities. And yet society continues to ignore the problem, blame the victims, shrug it off or simply resort to the de facto explanation that only a “few bad apples” contribute to undermine “the great work” police officers do every day. The simplistic explanation is society’s effort to avoid solving the nagging problem.


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