Criminals With Badges Blossom in US

As I’ve always advocated, most police officers are criminals with badges, at least that’s the experience for most individuals in the minority group. I emphasized too many times here in this blog that the problem is not confined to a state, a city or a locality. Pick any example anywhere in the country of police officers interacting with individuals in the minority groups. Just recently, as shown in the video below, four (4) police officers had their weapons drawn towards a motorist escaping his car on fire – the motorist was also on fire – but the worst part is that one of the police officers kicked the motorist several times while he was on the ground trying to extinguish the fire from his clothes, and the other officers were just there watching the show. They did not even try to intervene. But they have no qualm claiming they’re here to serve and protect.

What would you add?

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