Criminals With Badges Blossom in US

What does the expression “a few bad apples” mean to those who use it as an explanation for the rampant police brutality, the unwarranted and unjustified use of lethal force and the outright murder of those they are supposed “to serve and protect”? Surely, “a few bad apples” does not help to explain the frequent killing of unarmed civilians by police officers across the nation; the “criminal” behavior of those officers towards civilians in general, unarmed civilians in particular, is perpetuated by society’s indifference towards certain groups, mainly blacks. Besides, the “criminal with a badge” is the neighbor, someone’s brother, father, uncle, boyfriend or girlfriend. How could that nice man or woman who loves you so much, who loves his/her family and is so polite be the monster being described in the news? Officer Brandon would never do something so horrible, except that he did. Let’s not rush to judgement until we know more, except that the video clearly shows Brandon the monster in action. Well, let’s find whether the victim had a gun; that should justify Brandon’s action. Darn it! Victim didn’t have a gun. Can we find something bad about him? anything? anything at all? So, society came up with a perfect explanation, just “a few bad apples”.

That’s not comforting to the victims and their families.

What would you add?

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