The Scariest Presidential Election Ever

The 2016 presidential election is spookier than Halloween. It is dreary. The spooky character dressed as candidate for president is sure to scare the hell out of many. But what makes the presidential election even scarier are all the other characters surrounding the spooky one; it’s the scary Paul Ryan who thinks that Trump is a better choice than Hillary; it’s the wobbly John McCain who would rather vote for Trump than to support someone with knowledge, experience and a sound mind; it’s the “little” Marco Rubio who believes he must keep his promise to be able to curry favors in the future; it’s the “despised” Ted Cruz who clearly saw Trump for what he is but gave in to pressure and endorsed him anyway; it’s the “despicable” Jeff Session (Republican Senator of Alabama) who doesn’t think that “grab them by the pussy” is sexual assault. What makes the 2016 presidential election so scary is because the Republican Representatives in Washington stand for nothing, only represent their interests and are every bit as unpatriotic as those who threaten our safety and our freedom. That is very scary!

Since the ascension of Trump to the top of the Republican ticket, his fight to become the nominee has been peppered with uprising within the Party during the primaries to prevent him from clinching the nomination, and even after reaching the magic 1237 number, – the number of delegates needed to be officially the nominee of the Republican Party – scores of Republicans plotted to deny him the nomination at the Convention. Among the most influential were Mitt Romney, former candidate for president (2012 elections), Jeb Bush, former Trump’s challenger for the presidency (2016) and the Bush family. As promised, on the floor of the Convention, on the first day, several delegates tried to deny Trump the nomination, to no avail.

During the primaries, Republicans across the board unanimously expressed that Trump is not representative of their party; he is not fit to be president; he doesn’t have the character to become commander in chief. The irony however is that Trump had managed to rally constituents in the Republican Party who have felt abandoned (by the Party), those who are tired of politics as usual and those who simply want to turn back the clock of progress; he secured enough votes throughout the primary process to become the nominee of the Party; that is scary!

On the Democrat side, the rise of Bernie Sanders (Feel the Bern), a candidate who was originally irrelevant in the political arena, completely ignored, sidelined and even ridiculed, triggered a fight (of words and strategies) between his supporters and surrogates and Hillary’s, thus exacerbated public opinion about Hillary Clinton. Poor Hillary! Illogically despised by the Republicans, overly misunderstood by the Bernizens, the in-party fights (between her camp and Bernie’s) didn’t help either but rather threatened to split the Democratic constituents, thus making it much easiest for the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump to really have a shot at winning the presidency. That is indeed very scary!

In fact, Donald Trump tried many times to capitalize on that very fact, the rift between Hillary’ supporters, surrogates and Bernie’s. During the Democratic National Committee Convention (DNC Convention), Mr. Trump opened a tweeting storm to toke Bernie’s ego and pride and turn his supporters against his challenger Hillary Clinton. Although Bernie had already made peace with the loss, his supporters still felt the flames of the Bern, making the outcome of the presidential election one of the most dreadful to imagine. That, my fellow Americans, is scary!

The outcome of the race to succeed Obama in the Oval Office is probably the scariest event which will take place at the ballot box since the creation of the Republic. It’s not because Donald Trump may become president (Remember I already declared a few months ago before the Conventions – before Donald Trump’s campaign imploded and he revealed his true self to those who were still on the fence – that Hillary Clinton is the next president); it’s simply because it is now obvious, undeniably true that most Republicans are much less patriotic than they want to admit. When questioned to this regard, Trump’ supporters are inclined to respond they are patriotic; however, when it comes to take a “patriotic” stand to prove their claim, they are most likely to try to explain away their decision to support Trump or pretend that Hillary is a “worse” alternative than Trump. It is rather obvious that 1) they like the word “patriotic” and want to be associated with it but have no idea what it means 2) or they simply lie about being patriotic.

Regardless, for what seemed an eternity, the fate of the country, of the world even was undefined for a Trump presidency would have certainly changed the world geopolitics, not in a good way. The scariest part is that the very people who support Donald Trump truly believe they are making the right decision. That is very spooky! Halloween is right around the corner but the presidential election is way scarier than all the scary masks.

Donald Trump for president is the scariest Halloween the country has ever had.


Let me say off the bat that if you think or are even inclined to believe that what Donald Trump said (grab them by the pussy) and did (groped and kissed women without their consent) is okay – whether you are a man or a woman – or if you’re inclined to think his reaction to those comments during the second debate should put an end to it, let me ask you to do two things: 1) to stop following me 2) not to bother commenting on my posts. I personally do not have anyone (man or woman) in my circle who has ever talked about, referred to women the way Donald Trump has or treated women the way Donald Trump did. I see in every woman my sister, my mother, my daughter, my wife. Anyone who debases women or thinks it’s okay to do so is not someone I want to be associated with or even heard from. There is no justification.

My primary objective is to contribute towards a better tomorrow. Surely if you’re out to defend Trump you do not belong to that better tomorrow; you have nothing to contribute towards such.

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