Undecided Voters Are Morons


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Sorry! I don’t like to beat around the bush.

How in the world can anyone be undecided at this point in this election? One has to be a complete moron. I am sorry; you UNDECIDED are responsible. You pushed me to the edge; you drove me to have to resort to insult. You see, it’s difficult for me to grasp the concept of UNDECIDED in this election at this point. I understand there are four categories of voters 1) those who support Donald Trump 2) those who don’t 3) those who support Hillary Clinton 4) those who are undecided.

The last group which comprises those who believe they are Independent (neither Democrat nor Republican) and those who simply couldn’t care less about politics. I could talk about all four groups but I am not going to. Why bother?  What the hell! I’ll talk about a couple.

If you’re a Trump supporter, you’d argue until you drop dead that Trump is the best thing which has happened since slice bread; you’d swear on someone’s head or grave that he’s way better than his opponent Hillary Clinton. You’d be shocked (like the rest of us) that you personally cannot explain anything Trump can and would do to “Make America Great Again” but you’d defend him for all his obnoxiousness, his demagoguery; you’d argue you’re okay with his lack of experience and his little to no effort for a job that demands a great deal of such. You’d shamelessly defend his “locker room” talk (wink! wink!) and argue that the “mainstream” media is out to get him as if the mainstream media put those words in his mouth. You are ready to forgive him for all his past transgressions. – all the while your godly syndrome would tell you that Hillary does not deserve forgiveness – As far as you are concerned, you are ready to take to the streets to confront those who oppose Trump.

If you’re Hillary supporter, you’d argue she is the best candidate bidding for the office of the presidency. You’d defend her tooth and nail against all smear campaigns and accusations by the opposition; you’d explain away the email debacle she has to address every so often; you’d compare the vanishing 30,000 emails to the Bush’ 22 million emails which were purposely deleted – you’d be right to do so; Republicans have double standard when it comes to problems they deem unacceptable if done by Democrats but totally understandable when done by Republicans – You’d point out that her opponent is an obnoxious, peeping tom, pervert individual which cannot be allowed to become the leader of the free world.

If you are UNDECIDED, you are a moron. No, it’s not a typo; no need to adjust your glasses or your contact lenses. If anyone has the gall to even mention he’s undecided at this point, – even with a doctorate degree education – that individual is to be considered as the “dumbest moron” in the country. Before you start throwing rocks at me, hear me out.

For the first time in the history of presidential elections, to vote for a candidate has never been this easy. So, to hear anyone pretending to still be undecided is a travesty. Way before Donald Trump’s obnoxious video was made public by the New York Times, the contrast between the two candidates was as stark as it has ever been.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most qualified individual who has bid for the presidency in over a century; she has the knowledge and she is the first individual with “presidency experience” before being elected to the post. Hillary is level headed, met with most heads of States thus with insightful knowledge of their modus operandi and has worked in domestic issues most of her life.

By contrast, Donald Trump is the least qualified individual who has bid for the presidency since the creation of the Republic. Full stop. What’s to be undecided about?

Mr. Trump has zero experience in governance but that’s not really his major shortcoming. Donald Trump is so “full of himself” he believes he can run the country the same way he has run his business; translation, he would bankrupt the country rather quickly. But, here is what should be most troubling to anyone who is flaunting the UNDECIDED label, Donald Trump is not capable of acknowledging he doesn’t have the experience and needs to spend time to learn the basics. Throughout the whole process of his campaign (then the primaries now the general election), Mr. Trump has been edging his bet for a job which demands total immersion.

To all those UNDECIDED who are content to repeat the same old song by the Trump’s campaign that Hillary is not trustworthy, she is a liar, listen to yourself for a moment. If your “indecision” is because Hillary is a liar – I am fairly certain she is; do you know of any politician who is not? Hillary is not any worse than any other politician – how about Donald Trump? It is already proven that Mr. Trump is a professional liar. According to factcheck.org, whatever comes out of Trump’s lips is hardly true a) 30% of his statements are pants on fire (i.e. pure fabrication) b) 93% of his statements are mostly false or just false. By contrast, 64% of Hillary’ statements are true; just 30% are false.

So, what exactly is anyone UNDECIDED about? The contest is between a fully qualified individual (Hillary) and a totally unqualified one (Donald), a professional liar (Donald) and a politician (Hillary). Only morons could be UNDECIDED at this point.


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