Why Did Hillary Fall? – Part 2

As more and more protesters take to the streets across the nation against the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States and the Hillary’s camp drumming up the rhetoric that FBI Director James Comey is responsible for her loss, it behooves to seek closure on a shocking outcome not many saw coming and virtually no rational individual wanted to happen.

Now that it has, let me repeat my advice to those who have been protesting Trump’s election. What’s done is done. No amount of protests can change that. The outcome of the 2016 presidential election is a stark reminder that one cannot stand on the sideline and pray for the best; and Trump in the Oval Office will be a constant reminder that changes must be forced every day not every four years.

Full Disclosure: I voted for Hillary Clinton.

Having said that, let’s now find out why Hillary failed to win the election, but most importantly why the Republicans who have always claimed to champion family values and label themselves Christian and Christian Conservatives could have abandoned the most basic principles of morality and human decency and elect not just the least qualified individual but also a sexual predator and the most obnoxious individual to the highest office in the land. How is that for family value!

It is worth repeating here that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election to Donald Trump because of what FBI Director James did just eleven days before voting. I know you want to believe Comey is responsible. Surely Comey’s interference has some effect on the election but not enough to have shifted a win to Donald Trump. This is not a statement to condone what Comey had done; I was very critical of his so called “lack of judgement”; I am quite convinced his move was intentional and his ultimate objective was to sway the electorate. Well, he succeeded. But Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump was being written way before Comey decided to become a self-made celebrity; Hillary’s loss goes back all the way to the primaries.

I did promise in my previous article to bring closure to the matter so you can direct your energy to doing something which can help prevent similar outcome in the future. For I am certain there will be many more Donald Trumps to come. If you’ve been following Donald Trump since the beginning of his bid for the presidency, you’d notice one important consistency: those who had supported Trump were never swayed by anything that’s said about him or anything he said or did no matter how bad, obnoxious or disgusting. And the more he made those outrageous statements and the more of his predatory sexual behaviors were revealed, the more his supporters clang to him. In essence, there was absolutely nothing which could move his supporters NOT TO vote for him. – Since I do not intend to discuss how immoral those supporters were to vote for a sexual predator to become the president, I will abstain from going into details. I will tackle that topic in a future article

Hillary on the other hand had a mountain of problems to climb to make it to the finish line. Surely there was the Democratic base which was not swayed by the emails debacle but there was also a lack of enthusiasm to propel her to the White House. There were many reasons, none of which had to do with external factors (including FBI’ interference, Wikileaks and Russia hacking). Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald for at least six main reasons, all of which she (or her campaign) had complete control over.

In Part 3, I will outline the mistakes Hillary (and her campaign) made which robbed the country of the most qualified individual who could be president.


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