The Deplorable

When Hillary Clinton, the Democrat presidential candidate in 2016, labeled Trump’ supporters ‘deplorable’, Republicans (most Republicans, GOP leaders in particular) wanted to hang her, literally, for using such derogatory terms to refer to people who exercised their choice of candidate in an election ; democrats, most Democrats did not approve of the use of the term either. The ‘Independents’ and the “Bernizens’ were handed yet another opportunity to justify their dislike for Hillary. Members of the press decried the use of the label by Hillary all the while ignored, and in some cases, encouraged Trump to mock others, to demean his opponents and to lambast anyone (friends and foes) who criticized him.

Double standard to judge the two candidates aside, truth be told, people who supported and voted for Trump, most of them are indeed “deplorable”. There is no reason to pretend otherwise.

What would you add?

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