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The DEPLORABLES sound more like the title of a “bad ass” movie; it might as well be. Unfortunately, it’s not. It is the expression used by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to refer to those “unhinged Trump’ supporters; she later had to make retraction, explain away and apologize for the use of the expression. Appropriately so. Anyone vying for the highest office in the land cannot and should not use this type of language towards or in regards to the constituents. Unless of course you are Donald Trump and your “DEPLORABLE” supporters think it’s no big deal to use vulgar, obscene and insulting language. In fact, the DEPLORABLES clap and cheer when their role model Donald Trump makes use of such language.

It is a freakin’ big deal, at least it should be, for an individual vying to become president of the United States to be mindful of his language, – the world is listening; our kids are watching – to behave accordingly, at the very least to show respect for the office of the presidency. So, yes, Mrs. Clinton should not have used such expression; she should not be given a pass for the language, she was not.

Most unfortunately however, nobody in the Trump’ camp, it seems, is endowed of moral values, capable to reason with the lunatic nominee they all would want to become the face of the nation, the next president of the country, the leader of the free world.

Not even his wife seems capable to rein in on his obnoxiousness; if anything, it seems she is more willing to make excuses for him; she even blamed others for her husband’s behavior. A few days ago, Meliana Trump (Donald Trump’s wife) offered the most ridiculous defense for Trump’ “grab them by the pussy” comment; according to her, Trump was “egged into boy talk”.



How old is Trump again? Did he just reach puberty? Give me a freakin’ break!

Did I ever mention that my father is Santa Claus?

Seriously Melania! That’s all there was to it? That explanation would have worked if it were his only offense. Not only has Trump used those same (and worst) expressions before but he has also acted on this type of belief if we take into account the women who have accused him of such. As of this writing, there are eleven women who have come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them; could it be just boy’s behavior? What do you think? Someone must have egged him into assaulting those women, right? Seriously Melania! Tell me something else. I am all ears.

It should be no surprise to any observer that Trump has managed to clinch the Republican nomination; he had plenty of help from the Republican Party. Although some Republicans with moral values who still have respect for the office of the presidency have fled the Trump’s bandwagon, a majority is still backing him up, including Republican legislators who have no shame painting Trump as a better alternative to Hillary Clinton. A sexual predator, a misogynist, a bigot is fine by all those who are most of the time on their high horse “clamoring family values”. So, no, Donald Trump is not the only problem the country has; in fact, Donald Trump is not the problem at all. The problem which is now reflected in the GOP nominee is ingrained within the Republican Party; Mr. Trump simply tapped into it. How else would you explain that despite his inflammatory rhetoric towards his challengers during the primaries, now towards his opponent in the general election he still manages to have such a large crowd – the DEPLORABLES – supporting him? How else would you explain that despite having insulted virtually every social group (the Mexicans in particular, the Hispanics in general, Blacks, Muslims, Women, War Heroes, Armed Forces Generals, CIA, Individuals with disabilities) he still has a large following? We know his followers are not under spell; they support him because he expresses what they feel, what they want.

There are millions of Trump’ supporters across the country; translation, despite the myriad of bad things Trump has done, there is just one seemingly “good thing” which came out of his obnoxiousness; he has stripped bare and exposed the biggest issue in the country today: the root of race relations problems. We now have proof, thanks to Donald Trump, that the DEPLORABLES are everywhere, in every corner of the country.

We now know that Republicans are overwhelmingly racist, misogynistic and bigot; we know why they have always opposed everything which would benefit minority groups; we now understand why they have always sided with cops who gunned down unarmed black men and women; we now have a peek of those who do the discriminating of minorities in the hiring process; we know they’re the ones who would bypass a minority for a promotion; we know they’re the cops who single out blacks on the streets; we know they’re the judges who hand harsher punishment on blacks than on whites for the same offense; we know they’re the teachers who punish black students more and more often than whites; we now know they are Republican; they are the DEPLORABLES.

Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are.

We now have a perfect profile of the Trump’ supporters who have been fighting to turn back the clock of progress. They are the DEPLORABLES who see no harm that anyone would “grab their daughters by the pussy, grope their sisters and just kiss their wives”; they are the same individuals who call themselves Christian, Evangelicals or Conservatives but possess no moral value whatsoever; they’re the same ones who clap and cheer for Trump’s obnoxiousness. They’re the same people who want a FOOL for president. The DEPLORABLES are the people who do not contribute much (if anything) for the advancement of society. Those are the people society would not miss when they’re gone.

They are the DEPLORABLES.


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