The Deplorable

One would be sorely disappointed however; in 2020, when those same individuals – the Republican constituents – had another opportunity to make a choice between an undeniably decent man (Joe Biden) and the same despicable liar (Donald Trump) they’d supported for four years, they didn’t even hesitate; they went in huge crowds – larger than in 2016 – to cast their ballots for the same crook they had supported steadfastly, the same imbecile who has destroyed every aspect of our society and shredded every letter of the Constitution, the same moron who had debased and desecrated the office of the presidency.  Those Republicans are undoubtedly deplorable, the most shameful the country has had since its existence.

It is darn hard to reconcile the nefarious actions of the members of a political party and their claims of moral values, Christian principles and patriotism. By the lowest common denominator, there is nothing Christian about their behavior, there is not a shred of moral value in what they do; patriotism is very far from what they stand for. Ashamed perhaps, they will shun anyone who exposes their ugliness; they can curse anyone who points out their evil wrongdoings; they might even try to harm those who treat them for what they are; that will change nothing. They are unequivocally deplorable.

What would you add?

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