Is Govt Shutdown As Bad As It Sounds?

2.- Republicans are politicians with permanent dementia
Republicans in Washington seem to suffer of dementia when discussing the current shutdown. On October 1, 2013 Republicans in Washington united to shut down the government, costing the country a downgrade in credit rating in addition to impacting millions of lives: hundreds of thousands government employees and millions of citizens who relied on the government for service (social security recipients, medicare & Medicaid recipients, etc). Below are some of the impacts the 2013 shutdown had on the country; keep in mind the shutdown lasted 16 days

  • Nearly 800,000 federal employees were out of work without pay. In addition, more than a million other working employees had their paychecks delayed.
  • Nonessential departments and employees were furloughed. National parks, the National Zoo and NASA were all closed.
  • The World War II memorial was closed
  • Millions of veterans and their families did not receive their benefits on time
  • More people resorted to alcohol to cope with the situation. According to the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco, there was a 3 percent increase in the sales of alcohol during the first week of October compared to the first week of September that year.
  • According to estimates by Standards & Poor’s, the government shutdown cost America $24 billion, or $1.5 billion a day. The debacle lasted 16 days.

Contrary to Donald Trump who wished for and contributed to the ongoing shutdown, the 2013 government shutdown was the Republican doing and the Obama administration fought tooth and nails to prevent it, to stop it once started.

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