To Serve and Protect Is Meaningless in United States

Most unfortunately, Justine Damond, a white female who lived in the Minneapolis area also learned at the cost of her life what Blacks in general are subjected to on a regular basis; to call police officers for help is equivalent to signing your death warrant. So, when she called 911 on Saturday July 15, 2017, to report disturbance on the streets near her home, Justine was gunned down by one of the two police officers who responded to the disturbance.

This tragic murder of Justine Damond is another example of police murder of UNARMED civilians. The streak of murders by police officers across the nation challenges the meaningless slogan “to serve and protect” law enforcement has adopted and placarded on every patrol car.

Police officers here in the United States are trained to bark orders instead of communicating with civilians. In the minority community, the interactions are even worse; police officers have regularly violated the civil rights of blacks, subjected them to unwarranted stop, illegal search, wrongful arrest and bogus charges all the while touting they’re here to serve and protect.

With the murder of Justine Damond added to the list of victims in the hands of police officers who are supposed to protect the civilian communities, it has become more evident that their presence is more detrimental to the communities they are supposed to serve. Their behavior is reminiscent of the era when blacks in America were enslaved and the white masters had complete possession of their persons they could dispose of whenever and whichever way the masters saw fit.

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