To Serve and Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 2



To serve and protect is gibberish in the black community; blacks are frequently harassed by police officers, antagonized, brutalized, framed, civil rights violated and arrested on bogus charges. Forgive them all if they don’t buy into the “to serve and protect” slogan!

Since I began the series “Criminals with Badges”, police officers whose actions are nothing but criminal and behavior on the streets in par with that of a crime boss have proven that the criminal “justice” system does not extend protection and justice to those in the minority groups in general, blacks in particular.

There are no other examples more striking than the tragedy of Justine Damond (pictured in the previous article), a white female in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota, who lost her life to a police officer on Saturday, July 15, 2017 and Philando Castile, a black male in the St Paul area in Minnesota who lost his life to a police officer on Wednesday, June 6, 2016.


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