To Serve and Protect Is Meaningless in United States

It is not remotely safe for any black individual to interact with a police officer. An article titled Police Officers Are Scarier Than Gang Members published on December 11, 2014 stated that “Today, gangsters are no longer the problem on the streets; police officers are.” This indictment is nowhere near exaggeration; in fact, according to an article published in the Salt Lake Tribune cited in the aforementioned article earlier “In the past five years, more people have been killed by police than by gang members.”, a situation the black community is much too familiar with. A 13-year old boy in Ferguson, MI expressed the epidemic this way “if I have someone chasing me with a knife, and I see a police officer, I would be more afraid of being killed by the police officer than the man chasing me with the knife.

Where exactly are the so called “good cops” some people talk about? Where exactly are they hiding? What does the slogan “to serve and protect” mean? According to the website, as of this writing, there have been at least 675 UNARMED individuals killed by police this year; that number does not even include unreported and unverified cases. As pointed out earlier, (the White) society is as responsible for the epidemic as the Criminals with Badges are.

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