To Serve and Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 4

To serve and protect is gibberish in blacks’ communities; they are regularly harassed by police officers, antagonized, brutalized, framed, civil rights violated, arrested on bogus charges or killed. Forgive them all if they don’t buy into the “to serve and protect” slogan!

Since I started this series three years ago, I have had mixed reactions to my postings; that was always expected. Lately however, there’s been an increase in rhetoric that a) completely deny the existence of the problem b) send curses and ill wishes and c) are glad Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again” (read between the lines).

Harry Belafonte said of the situation that “When a black voice is raised in protest to oppression, police brutality and injustice, those who are comfortable with our oppression are the first to criticize us for daring to speak out against it.” Need I say more? But I will.


What would you add?

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