Can Donald Trump Succeed as President?

What I’m alluding to is something which had never been done before by any of the previous presidents since the creation of the Republic; yep, you read correctly. Not even George Washington or any of our forefathers could manage to do what Donald Trump has done thus far in his presidency. He could indeed be on his way to make America…

Well, let’s find out what he has done and how he has managed very “humbly” to deliver on the most important aspect of his presidency.

After six months in office, Donald Trump had managed to accomplish absolutely nothing. That’s not a typo.

Let me explain; to Mr. Trump and his fanatics, the undoing of everything Obama is some sort of accomplishment; that has been Mr. Trump’s focus since he took the oath of office. That could be what he intended by “Make America Great Again”.

Ignorance and hatred aside, if he keeps it up, Mr. Trump will go down (or up depending on your vertical position) in history as the president whose biggest accomplishments are television watching, tweeting, vacationing and golfing in that order.

To any logical individual, Donald Trump represents the greatest catastrophe of democracy in America. He doesn’t need to be impeached for his presidency to be considered the second darkest moment in American history, slavery being the first.

What would you add?

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