Traitor In The Oval Office


Donald Trump is brilliant, no doubt about it; even he says so. There! But can Trump’s brilliance be used as proof he’s also guilty of treason?


Mr. Trump is certainly a brilliant man; for most of the 2016 election campaigns – both during the primaries and the general – Donald Trump said repeatedly that the election was rigged. He was right but naturally we assumed he meant in favor of Hillary, but more often than not we all in the media ignored the statement of a lunatic such as Donald Trump. Boy were we all wrong! The election was indeed rigged; Donald Trump knew it. He confessed about it publicly but we all chose to ignore him. Shame on us all! In fact, Donald Trump was the most-clear headed individual during the campaign season. He outwitted his opponents during the primaries; he confused his challenger during the general election; he puzzled politicians, pundits and got most experts to scratch their heads while cruising freely to his nomination for his party and to the presidency. No matter how much one dislikes Trump, we must admit that it made very brilliant moves throughout the election.

He created many diversions to preoccupy the media, to put his opponent on the defensive and to provide rallying theme for his supporters. we were all fools, fooled mostly by the obnoxiousness of a very brilliant man.


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