The Savior You Need – 3

Imagine for a moment there was no Democrat

Most Republicans – especially those who are directly affected by the policies the GOP Legislators, their Representatives in Washington, have embraced – have no idea that their lives are better, not because of the (Republican) Party their parents, grandparents and great grandparents have espoused, but because in between the damages Republican Legislators, Mayors, Governors & Presidents have done to their states, to the country, Democrats have governed and managed to mitigate, minimize and even eliminate some traces of those damages.

A few days ago, as I sat to reflect on the then approaching (now passed) Independence Day (4th of July), I became both outraged and saddened; I couldn’t help thinking how much more progress we, as a country, could have made if only Republicans were as eager to help advance the country forward as they are to destroy and undo everything Democrats had done and to prevent everything Democrats could do to better the country.

To put it in perspective,

  • in 1935, Republican Legislators in Washington were overwhelmingly against Social Security benefits, the same social security benefits everyone (including the Republican supporters) – in the working class – looks forward to when they retire
  • in 1950, Republican Legislators in Washington were overwhelmingly against health benefits for the elderly; they were so successful that Harry S. Truman, then president of the United States, had to abandon the effort
  • in 1965, Republican Legislators in Washington were overwhelmingly against Medicare & Medicaid. Yep, the same Medicare elderly (including the Republican supporters) get to use when they are sick.

What would you add?

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