Reign of the Morons – 4

There is an inclination to believe that because so many people act or speak a certain way that should make their action or statement right or correct. Far from it! The sheer number of people who stand for or want “something” is not justification it is the right thing for a society, for a country. Morons “think” alike, speak alike. History has given us many examples of such.
As pointed out earlier, half the country fought in the civil war (1861-1865) to prevent the abolition of slavery. By half, we mean well over 15 million people (15,000,000) – US population then was a little over 30 million according to an 1860 US Census – Today, the Republicans’ argument that almost half the country voted for Donald Trump is justification that the rest of the country should just fall in line. Have they lost their marbles? Hint: the question is rhetorical. Of course, they lost their marbles.

History has taught society a very valuable lesson which seems to apply here, now, today, in the United States; just because a large group of people want something doesn’t necessarily make that “something” right. Case in point, the government of Adolf Hitler was popular with most Germans; put differently, the whole country of Germany supported Nazism, pledged allegiance to Adolf Hitler, fought for his vision and died for his mission. Did Adolf Hitler’s popularity in Germany make him right for the world? Or even for Germany itself? Do I need to answer that question or you get the point?


One thought on “Reign of the Morons – 4

  1. How do we have so many morons? Because the republicans want uneducated supporters. America as been dumbing down for years. Republican states taking funds away from education.

    Anti-intellectualism: “The rise of “alternative facts,” and opinions replacing science and real facts”

    Dumb and Dumber is how the republicans like. With dangerous ditsy billionaire Betsy DeVos running education the Public Education system will be demolished beyond repair.


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