Revenge of the Morons – Part 2


Donald Trump got elected president of the United States by a very large group of morons, but that’s not all there is to it.

Warning: The Revenge of the Morons series is not for the faint of heart. Trump’ supporters must 1) avoid reading this series 2) or obtain “teeth grinding protector” to avoid complete erosion of their teeth. Beware!

I must also warn that the objective of my writings – be they insulting to you or not – is not to increase my Twitter followers and/or Facebook fans. My primary objective is to identify with individuals capable of having rational discussions and hopefully helping to craft solutions for a country which is being destroyed in the hands of morons. I learned a longtime ago that ignorance is the most effective tool of destruction and naivete is an offspring which must be aborted. Samples taken throughout the United States reveal that Republicans are fully infected with the “ignorance” virus which might help to explain the high rate of “moron” syndrome across the country.

There are two groups of morons in the Republican Party (later referred to as Group M) but before I discuss it further, it is worth mentioning that those who either voted a third party or didn’t vote at all in the 2016 presidential election are also classified as morons (later referred to as Group I), although somewhat different from their moron counterparts in the Republican Party. Group I differs in major way from Group M in its behavior towards fellow countrymen.

Group M is blatantly and overtly racist, prejudiced, obnoxious and very confrontational. Although the “Revenge of the Morons” series is dedicated (exclusively) to discuss the Republican Party in general and the Trump’ supporters in particular, my conversations with a few individuals in Group I led me to believe that Group I cannot simply be ignored. Its “members” contributed a great deal to shaping the outcome of the 2016 election. All things considered, it should be panic time for those who do not belong in Group M or Group I; the country is indeed filled with morons. And it will take a tremendous amount of effort from those who still have functioning brains to rescue the morons from themselves and save the country in the process. For there is no task more difficult than to try to explain ignorance to an ignorant man (or woman).

Although I started out the discussion, giving the impression that only those who voted for Donald Trump are morons, I intended to emphasize on the behavior as a catalyst for the moron label. In other words, while it is obvious the Trump’s supporters proudly wear the moron label, they are not alone. I met a group of non-Trump supporters whose rationale NOT TO have voted for the alternative (Hillary Clinton) was as “illogical” as if it were provided by Trump’ supporters. The thought of being surrounded by morons is indeed very scary.

Before we delve into discussing the two groups of morons which comprise the Republican Party, it is appropriate to understand whether Group I was at all influenced by the Trump factor. Eleven days before the general election, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress speculating that more emails which have been discovered (in another case) could be related to the emails investigation the bureau conducted on Hillary. Prior to the release of the letter, most polls showed that Hillary had a double digit lead over her rival Donald Trump. Immediately thereafter, not only had her lead disappeared but some polls showed Trump with a 1 to 2 points lead over Hillary.

If we accept for a moment that the polls both before and after the release of the letter were correct, we should be looking at Group I to have caused the huge swing. Because Trump’ supporters have been with him since the primaries and have not abandoned him no matter what he said, regardless what was revealed or discovered about him, it seems that Group I was solely responsible for what happened in the faithful November 8 day. Its members could have decided to stop Trump; they did no. Instead, they did absolutely nothing.

According to the latest survey, it seems that most in Group I opted to do nothing; as many as 40% decided NOT TO vote, another 7%-10% voted for a third party candidate. So, a combined 50% in Group I rationalized they couldn’t possibly vote for Hillary.

Can anyone spell MORON? What exactly did those morons expect to happen? The country is indeed filled with morons, some more highly infected than others. To do nothing can only be considered a brilliant move by morons and morons only.

In the next article, I will discuss the two groups of morons in the Republican Party which have gleefully set the country in the path of isolation and destruction, a move which might spell the end of pride for the United States of America.

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