Reign of the Morons – 2

Click the right Trump for $1,000

Click the right Trump for $1,000

God has already set a day of reckoning for Trump in particular; how can I possibly know that? It’s coming sooner than one might expect.

You see, we – his supporters notwithstanding – are not the only beings in the Universe who feel disgusted by Trump. He bullies everyone, curses those he doesn’t like, insults those who challenge his obnoxiousness and finds something wrong with anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He thinks of himself as the smartest person on the planet though it seems obvious he knows very little about most everything; he talks (or tweets) just for the sake of talking and accomplishes very little. He lies to everyone about everything.

And yet there are two groups of morons who swear on their kids, on their lives and on their parents’ graves that Donald Trump is the best thing which has happened (for them) since slice bread. Some even have the gall to say they are Christian. Find out below what God has to say about that.


2 thoughts on “Reign of the Morons – 2

  1. While I appreciate the rhetoric, I’m looking for verifiable acts to back this up, which is what you’ll need to take on this monster. Make no mistake; I am on your side, but unless you have something other than pretty verbiage, this is going nowhere.

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