Reign of the Morons – 4

In the next column, I will discuss four major factors which might help to decipher the mystery of moronarchy (making bad decisions together), the first factor will be to look into the “mass illusion of Trump’ supporters”. Stay tuned!

The OBAMA Legacy provides a factual account of his presidency but it also explains the reason Mr. Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation. There is absolutely nothing Republican Legislators can do to change that; that must sting. Listen below a 3-minute excerpt from the book. Own a piece of his legacy.

Own a piece of his legacy. Own The OBAMA Legacy.

Just a reminder that the “Reign of the Morons” series will continue; if you want to contribute to this series, shoot me an email (


One thought on “Reign of the Morons – 4

  1. How do we have so many morons? Because the republicans want uneducated supporters. America as been dumbing down for years. Republican states taking funds away from education.

    Anti-intellectualism: “The rise of “alternative facts,” and opinions replacing science and real facts”

    Dumb and Dumber is how the republicans like. With dangerous ditsy billionaire Betsy DeVos running education the Public Education system will be demolished beyond repair.


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