2016 Election Update – Donald Trump Factor

22717, ABERDEEN, UNITED KINGDOM - Monday June 9 2008. US billionaire Donald Trump arrives in Scotland in his private jet to attend the public inquiry into his proposed $2bn golf course project near Aberdeen. Trump flew in to argue his case for the luxury golf resort after months of acrimony between the entrepreneur and local residents. Donald's never-entirely-convincing hair suffered somewhat in the Scottish breeze! Photograph: Donald Stewart, PacificCoastNews.com **FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE*** UK OFFICE: +44 131 225 3333/3322 US OFFICE: 1 310 261 9676


I like Donald Trump, don’t you? I know what you’re thinking, how could you? The guy is nut; he is a joke, he is a disgrace to the Republican party, he’s not presidential, he doesn’t have any real experience in politics, he is not even serious about running for president; the guy is a buffoon. Well, well. Are we talking about the same guy who is a billionaire? Are we talking about the same guy whose hair we’ve made fun of through the years? Are we talking about the same guy who successfully ran The Apprentice reality TV show? Are we talking about the guy who invented “You’re Fired” expression?

Are we talking about the same guy who went after Obama for not being born in the United States? Are we talking about the same guy who demanded that Obama produced his birth certificate? Are we talking about the same guy who was out to prove – after the White House released a copy of Obama’s birth certificate – that the certificate was a fake? Are we talking about the same guy who demanded that Obama released his school record, his college transcript? Are we talking about the same guy who has demeaned Obama and the office of presidency?

That guy! The same guy with the most inflated ego, the most obnoxious attitude and the “I always remember who calls me for favor” demeanor? What has changed? When Donald Trump “crazy” campaign against Obama was in full swing, when he set out to demean the office of the presidency, when he tweeted insults towards the president, not a single republican denounced him; some Republican representatives even went as far as pretending not to know whether Obama was born in the United States, shoring up support for Trump’s ridiculous witch hunt. NOT A SINGLE republican rebuked Trump for his obnoxious behavior, his repeated insults towards the President of the United States. It was okay for him to continue his rantings, his insults; Mr. Trump had the “silent” support of the Republican Party to continue his attack on the President.

So, what has changed? I know. The Republican Party never imagined that the monster it created (and tolerated) would come to hunt the party (and its adepts). All the major republican candidates bidding for the office of the presidency have rallied against Trump the past week for his comments towards John McCain. Donald Trump suggests that McCain is only called a hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War; Mr. Trump added he doesn’t like people who were captured. We can all agree that was very poor judgement on the part of the Trump. Since then, he has backpedaled, apologized (something which doesn’t happen often) and gotten back on the horse of running for president. While I imagine that “ganging up” on Trump seems to be the best (defense) strategy the Republican Party is able to “whip up” in preparation for the upcoming debate – slated for August 6, hosted by Fox Opinion (referred to as Fox News Network by most) – all including Rence Priebus the chairman of the Republican National Committee are blindsided by Mr. Trump’s bulldog approach towards anyone who attacks, threatens or crosses him.

The strategy – sidelining Trump – will not work; if anything, it will anger Donald Trump even further and strengthen his resolve to stay in the race till the end, meaning Trump will probably continue his bid as a third party candidate if that becomes necessary; that would crush any Republican hope to win the Oval Office. Remember I predicted Trump would bow out very early on; well, I apologize for this grave error. I did not foresee the Republican Party’s reaction towards Trump. Maybe Republicans are doomed to languish in hope and wishes and aspiration of the Oval Office. Last election (in 2012), it was Romney’s 47% statement – ironically, that’s what he got when he lost – which cost him the election. This time around, the writing on the wall seems to suggest Donald Trump is the catalyst for similar outcome for whoever would become the Republican nominee. As we so frequently say here: be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

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