Is It Wrong To Cheat?



Is America Up For An Affair?

Ashley Madison sounds much like an upscale department store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NY. Well, it’s not. is a “hook-up” site for committed individuals (engaged, married) who would like to cheat. Who would pass up an opportunity to cheat? Very few I suppose; concerned individuals (hackers) who hacked threatened to release the names of well over 37 million cheaters. Already last week, an unlucky Massachusetts cheater had the displeasure of reading about his most intimate, personal and expressed feelings via a manifesto released to the public by the hackers. Among other things, the manifesto reads “I have only two personal interests on this site,” the cheater’s profile reads. “Making sure that you are comfortable with me should I be so fortunate to hold your attention and making sure I take the role of discretion to an artform. I mean isn’t this why we are here, to be as discreet as possible?” The cheater “likes ‘cuddling & hugging’ and is into ‘discretion & secrecy.’” No kidding.

Needless to mention that the other cheaters are on pins and needles, praying the gods of extra-marital affairs to spare them the impending embarrassment, the upcoming humiliation and the possible end to their current relationships! While it seems logical that the act of cheating is wrong, ’s founder, Noel Biderman a married man, does not believe the site encourages others to cheat. In an interview accorded to CNBC a few months ago, Mr. Biderman defended the site as a business venture; he believes he simply provides the tool to fill a need. Mr. Biderman does not feel responsible for anyone who engages in cheating “much like the store which sells knives cannot be held responsible should a buyer uses a knife to stab someone.” Mr. Biderman’s logic is somewhat flawed; a knife is a very useful tool in the kitchen. Unless you’re subscribed to infidelity as useful, ‘s sole purpose is to help its users bask in infidelity.

To Mr. Biderman’s defense, the very slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.” does not hide the true purpose of the site. While Mr. Biderman claims not to be involved in cheating, he wants you to. is “The most recognized name in infidelity,” and Mr. Biderman is not shy about it; he went on various shows (Dr. Phil, Tyra, CNN, The View, Ellen, Larry King, Good Morning America) to market the service (of helping one cheat). “We are the most recognized and reputable extramarital affair company. Our married dating services work. We are the most successful website for finding cheating partners.” is prominently displayed at the bottom of every page on the site.

Where do you stand on this topic? Did you subscribe to Ashley Madison? Would you subscribe or would you encourage the hackers to release all the names?

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