The Ugliness of America

Over this past weekend – on Sunday, August 4 2019 – within hours of one another, two mass shooting occurred; one in El Paso, TX claimed the lives of more than 20 people, and injured two dozen others; the other in Dayton, OH claimed the lives of nine people, including the gunman, and injured 19 individuals.

Neither tragedy could be blamed on mental illness. In fact, the strongest evidence links the El Paso, TX mass shooting directly with the type of rhetoric espoused by the president of the United States.

Just a few days prior, Donald Trump was busy stoking racial division in the country. After spending more than two weeks displaying the ugliness of his racism towards four Congress women, all of whom belong in the minority race, he closed in by basking in “send her back” chants at a rally in North Carolina.

Immediately thereafter, he went after Elijah Cummings labeling Baltimore – Cummings’ District – a drug infested, rats infested area. To great dismay, members of the media – I singled out Derrick Wilburn in particular – who support Trump were busy finding proof to corroborate the president’s comments. Put differently, Trump is just the tip of the iceberg; millions of others, including those in the media who support him have contributed extensively to perpetuate the state of racism in the country. Rationally speaking, those individuals are more dangerous than Donald Trump himself. They helped to propagate and even encourage his divisive rhetoric.

Notwithstanding the fact that a good journalist would write opinions to better the country instead of plunging it in further turmoil, the president of the United States primary responsibility is NOT to point out problems; his job is to solve problems wherever they might occur in the country.

In the video below, we analyze this topic through the prism of common sense.

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