Shithole It Is!

What caused the uproar however is the lack of condemnation from Republican Legislators in Washington. What’s even worse is that Republican Senators David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas who were present in the room came out to lie for the president. At first, both claimed they didn’t hear anything; one day later, they declared unequivocally the president didn’t use such language. Ironically, the president was making calls to gauge how his use of profane language was received among his supporters. Put bluntly, David Perdue & Tom Cotton are liars. Paul Ryan simply commented that the president’s use of profane language to refer to African countries is “very unfortunate and unhelpful”.

No matter how stupid or ignorant one is, it’s impossible to conceive that Dick Durbin would walk out of a meeting and concoct an elaborate lie about the president. Besides, unless one is not of planet earth, you are well aware that Donald Trump has consistently used similar language to refer to Blacks and Hispanics.

Use of such derogatory language towards African countries by the president came on the heels of Martin Luther King Jr’ anniversary.

What would you add?

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