The Dumbification of the Republican Party – 2

A 9-month experiment conducted across the Republican Party revealed a startling discovery. It was a EUREKA moment. In all fairness, it was simply corroborating. To me personally, the discovery provides bragging right I’ve been right all along that most Republicans think, behave and act like morons. The Party is home to individuals of of all social classes and statuses; – just like its Democrat counterpart – the Republican Party comprises Blacks, Whites, rich, poor, wealthy, very rich, millionaires & billionaires as well as illiterate, mildly educated, educated, well educated, geniuses and so on. Nothing is out of the ordinary as far as those who are affiliated with the Republican Party; so it seems until one begins to interact with individuals in the Party. Per the experiment, it didn’t matter what the topic was but when it comes to politics and religion, that’s where it became almost impossible to rationalize the idea that Republicans are educated. Even those who hold master degrees and yes even PhDs, have a great job and are considered successful in life by most measures display reasoning which would make an eight years old shake his head in disbelief. Put bluntly, most Republicans display a complete lack of common sense in matter of politics and religion.

Gibberish you might say or think.


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