Is A Repeat of 9-11 Imminent?

NYC Twin Tower

New NYC Tower

The Enemy Within

Can the “enemy within” bring this beautiful tower down? With the unlimited resources the US Government has at its disposal, it’s difficult to imagine a repetition of the September 11, 2001 catastrophe. And yet, even as of this writing the “enemy within” can inflict damage beyond imagination on the US population. The enemy has been here within our borders well before Osama bin Laden was even a concern for the US government.

For the past few decades, the world has been in a state of turmoil never before experienced. Yes, the world has always coped with man-made disasters such as the Nuclear Power Station failure in Russia, (Chernobyl, April 26 1986); natural disasters such as hurricanes Katrina (August 23 – August 31, 2205) and Sandy (October 22 – November 2, 2012); tragedies such as tsunamis, volcano eruptions and the latest outbreak of Ebola that had sent the world into a tailspin with countries pointing fingers at each other, citizens fighting one another and the scientific community racing against time to come up with a solution.

In the meanwhile, some previously unknown terrorist group in the Middle East, ISIS, has captured worldwide headline and the attention of Heads of States by broadcasting live (on the internet) the beheading of innocent civilians (mostly citizens from the West – UK, US, France). Overnight, ISIS notorious fame has surpassed Al-Qaeda spectacular accomplishments of bringing New York City (NYC) Twin Towers down by slamming two hijacked planes into the skyscrapers. That’s enough problem to keep every country on earth busy cleaning up, repairing damages, rebuilding, putting infrastructure in place, placing defense systems in position and readying the States for any type of disaster.

If all that sounds and feels overwhelming, it is. It is however not nearly as scary as what we, in the United States, may have to grapple with if our government continues to serve the big businesses instead of the people for whom and by whom its officials hold offices. No, it’s not ranting against big businesses or rich people. Far from it! Before quipping and dismissing this as empty rhetoric, ask the following questions: would you not be scared to find out that the water you use every day to shower, to cook, to drink could be poisoned?  Wouldn’t you be scared to find out that it’s highly possible to be out of electricity in your home for days or even weeks? Of course, you would. Who wouldn’t? Those very scary scenarios are not mere fictions or figments of imagination. Those are real threats hanging over our heads until our government puts our safety as priority over “feeding the insatiable appetite” of the Wall Street dealmakers.

In The Enemy Within series, we will explore the importance for our government to turn its attention towards a problem (the enemy within) that’s been brewing under the surface for a while now but could become the most severe disaster the US would ever have to cope with. In light of this imminent threat, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were just walk in the park. Even with adequate resources, it would be a gargantuan task to manage. As of this writing, the problem is not even being considered; it’s not in our government’s radar let alone prepare for the aftermath. Watch this series as I explore the threat of an imminent danger without precedence.

Part 2

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