Is A Repeat of 9-11 Imminent? – Part 3



It is possible. In fact, much worst is possible no matter how much precaution is taken, regardless of the many overlapping layers of security in place and irrespective of the vigilance of the nation. It’s virtually impossible to be completely certain that another 9-11 (or something worst) would not happen, again. What’s difficult to comprehend is the callousness, the selfishness and the indifference of the elected officials and the blatant and apparent dumbness of the constituents

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  • Elected Officials work regularly against (enacting laws, implementing policies) their constituents (thus against the country)
  • Constituents regularly vote against their own interests (electing officials who are clearly unsympathetic to their situations)

Case in point, the privatization of natural resources such as water, electricity for instance is to satisfy the insatiable greed of the corporate industry; this is courtesy of the elected officials (in your State and in Washington) who do not see any harm entrusting your lives and the lives of millions of Americans in the hands of individuals working for corporations which have one main objective, to make money, to be profitable, whatever it takes. Your life, your family’s, your neighbors’, your wellbeing and your health are not part of the equation for those corporations. Those are issues to take up to your elected officials; yep, those same people who have sold your safety and your family’s to the corporations in exchange for campaign financing.

It’s logical that you and all other constituents rely on the elected officials to make decisions on your behalves; after all, it would be impossible for the constituents to address and attend to all the necessary activities, concerns and needs. However, it is also naïve to trust the elected officials “will do good” by their promises; there are plenty of data which prove just the opposite is true. You would not hire someone to do a job and forego supervising his work completely irrespective of his qualification. Or, would you?

The (sad) irony in the case of the elected officials is that the constituents are well aware of the officials’ callousness and indifference as well as their incompetence. The officials’ selfishness is so striking that any argument on behalf of the people in Washington, such as in the case of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts arguing against the hikes in Students’ loans, has caught the attention of friends and foes alike; by foes read lobbyists and your elected officials who prefer to side with those who finance their campaigns instead of defending your interests, the primary reason for which they were elected.

Don’t blame the corporations. Corporations will do what corporations always do, make money, devise ways to make more money, plenty of it and there is nothing wrong with that. This is not an argument against corporations; that’s the very purpose of their existences. What’s troubling however is how the elected officials (in your State and in Washington) are slick introducing legislation which benefit corporations instead of you, the constituent; more often than not, those legislation are harmful to you, the constituent. According to our Constitution, Representatives in both House of Congress and the Senate are elected by The People to attend to the affairs of The People. Of course, if you subscribe to former presidential candidate Romney’s famous line, “Corporations Are People Too”, it gets a bit confusing.

What makes the actions (and inactions) of our legislators most troubling is the danger dangling over our heads, the danger the country is exposed to because of their actions. Today, millions of Americans are exposed to the threat of lethal bio agents that can be delivered through the water system – you use to drink, to cook, to shower, to wash your clothes -, courtesy of your elected officials who have entrusted such important natural resource to private companies. As of this writing, 35 million Americans can be deliberately poisoned through the water delivery system; this is not a reference to water contamination – due to chemical spills – such was in the West Virginia case which occurred last year (February 2014). It is possible that any individual who works for those private companies – there are over 28,000 such individuals – could potentially cause harm beyond imagination. September 11, 2011 would pale in comparison. This danger dangling over the nation is made possible by your elected officials who argue that privatization of natural resources is good for the economy; translation, money for campaign financing. For your kids’, grandkids’ sake and for yours’, forego your party’s loyalty to help ensure the safety, the wellbeing of future generations. Washington is corrupt is not just an expression, it’s a way of life for most elected officials which may cost you your life.

This situation can get much, much worse. How much worse can it possibly get? Watch this column as we explore how actions (and inactions) of elected officials are contributing to making America a living hell

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