When It Is Profitable To Do Away With the Constitution

Is there ever a time, can there ever be a circumstance that would warrant doing away with the Constitution? The answer which seems so obvious was ignored, the disregard for the Constitution explained away by the perpetrators who – some of whom are legislators – remain unpunished as of this writing. When it is personally…


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Why America Will Fall – 2

America is back” said Joe Biden (in his inauguration speech and many other times since). Is America back? Perhaps! It could be too little too late, for the fall of America was precipitated with the election of Donald Trump in 2016 as the 45th president; that tragedy cannot be reversed. Even events following the departure…

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America Will Fall

America will fall, eventually, inevitably! America? No way! That cannot possibly happen! Not to the United States of America! Not to the greatest country in the world! It’s impossible. The country with such vast resources, the largest arsenals of weapons and the most billionaires (724 as of this writing, followed by China with 626) in…

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