LIVE Broadcast For the Few


The stakes for the country have never been so high. Every aspect of our lives is at play, and no one can predict how it will end.

Today, we have a president, the least competent who has occupied the Oval Office since the existence of the Republic, who is determined to take the country back to the dark and shameful times of our existence. Millions are following him blindly like sheep over a cliff.

Determined to save our way of life, we broadcast live on YouTube Channel, Facebook & Twitter The Fourth Branch program catered exclusively to those who have common sense to recognize the problem, those with a spirit of patriotism who are willing to risk it all to save democracy in the land and all those with an unwavering determination to work for a more perfect union. Join me in the Journey to Restore America’s Greatness¬†every Saturday at 10:30AM & 6:30PM. See you then!