Book Signing Event

We begin the New Year with a Book Signing event which takes place at BK9, a Bar & Kitchen restaurant located a few blocks away from Barclays Center.  If you are in the New York area, we welcome your participation. Below are details of the event.


Students, Educators, Faculty members & anyone interested in government and politics, you are invited to attend this event to learn firsthand about Obama’s presidency.
A short presentation by the author. He knows a great deal about Obama; he had followed Obama even before he decided to run for president, and he also predicted Obama’s win both in 2008 and 2012.

The presentation will be followed by questions/answers after which you can mingle with others and have your book signed by the author. Following the book signing, you may decide to have a drink or to eat dinner (discounts are provided for book owners).

Note: You are encouraged to give a copy of the book to any young man or woman going to college, especially if the interest is in politics, government, history or communication.
You are also encouraged to get the book before the event; it will be delivered to you at the event if you so choose.

  booksigningSee You There!