AVOID Hospitals If You Can

If you must go to the hospital, words of advice

  • i.- DON’T go alone
  • ii.- Ensure the individual who accompanies you can advocate on your behalf
  • iii.- Question EVERYTHING. If a test is ordered, question the purpose; ask for the result before subjecting yourself to more tests
  • iv.- Question suspicious procedure the doctor ordered; DO NOT submit to the procedure unless it directly related to the problem but most importantly it is explained clearly how that procedure is going to benefit you
  • v.- DO NOT accept to be administered any medication unless the benefit is clearly explained to you, and the side effects are known and you are okay with that.

BE IN CONTROL of your health. Decide what’s to be done, what’s not to be done.

Note: I will be heading to another hospital to be treated for the same problems I have had.

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