AVOID Hospitals If You Can

I just spent two weeks in the hospital, an experience which makes the statement “DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL IF YOU ARE SICK!” all the more instructive, advice to live by. I am now campaigning against the idea of rushing to the hospital when one is sick.

On November 9, 2021 I went to a clinic in the hospital to find solution for what I believed then to be a small problem any doctor could figure out quickly and prescribe a solution for. And off would I go on my merry way! But instead, after the initial everlasting waiting to see the doctor, I was wheeled to the emergency for admission.

My initial reaction was of course what one would expect, what the hell! I walked into the hospital, on my own. I felt some weakness on my legs and hands; I had diplopia and some difficulty swallowing. Other than that, I was fine. Two weeks later, I was discharged, walked out of the hospital with a couple of prescriptions.

I still have diplopia; I still have difficulty swallowing.

It got better (or worse depending on your viewpoint). I almost lost my life; an old ulcer flared up; I lost enough blood to warrant blood transfusion.

By now, you should ask the same questions I can’t stop asking: what the hell did I go to the hospital for?  What did I get treated for? Although I have yet to see the bill, I can only imagine what that bill will look like. In fact, I have a pretty darn good idea what the bill will be. Charges for battery of tests which are completely unrelated to the problem for which I checked in into the hospital, more charges for the prescriptions, and no mention the patient (me) was discharged without being treated.


What would you add?

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