The January 6 Commission Is NO Match for Republicans’ Vicious Behavior to America’s Democracy

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In any society other than America’s today, Donald Trump would be avoided like a plague, even banned in some venues. In such society, the people would want respectable leaders who are honest, caring and intelligent; and those leaders would strive to unify the people (in that society); in short, parents would want leaders who are role models for their children, not some pu#*sy grabbers, morally deficient, self-serving and corrupt individuals. But such society does not exist in America, a crisis which could be at the very roots of the Big Divide between the two major political parties.

For the most part, Democrats have remained true to the party’s agendas and values, except for a few fringe elements (which are always marginalized)

But Republicans who profess to be Christians and those who claim to have moral values – ADP leaders and constituents alike – are all supportive, cheerleading even the most despicable and depraved individual they elected to the highest office in the country; he is now contemplating another bid for the office again. They are already onboard to elect him again as their leader.

By their behavior, the Christian loving Republicans want absolutely nothing to do with biblical principles; the ‘morally bound ADP constituents’ stay very far away from anyone who shows the slightest shred of decency and morality. To most Republicans, professing to be Christians and claiming to have moral values are just slogans (to use in political arguments); those slogans have no value whatsoever to the ADP leaders and no meaning to the Republican constituents.

This is in essence what has been at the core of the Big Divide in America, which also helps to explain why Republicans are so comfortable to embrace depraved and morally deficient individuals as leaders all the while bashing Democrats of being too liberal, as if that’s a bad thing.


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