January 6 2021 Was the Ribbon Cutting for the Anti-Democratic Style of Government Republicans Have Always Wanted

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Up to just before the 2016 presidential elections, if anyone were to suggest that most Republican constituents are ignorant, idiots and disloyal to America, – as we have repeatedly stated here in our publications – most Americans (irrespective of political affiliation) would have pushed back, argued that isn’t true, ignored us or simply shrugged off the idea as non-sense. And yet on January 6, 2021, most Republicans – leaders and supporters alike – were behind the effort to overturn the elections, dismiss the will of The People, bypass the Constitution and ignore the 250 years of democracy the country has had. Most Republicans organized, engaged and participated in what is known in any language as an insurrection. Most Republicans, especially those who claim to be patriots, supported the idea of overturning the outcome of the elections. How could that happen in America? How could that happen to the United States of America?

The Republicans that are always screaming they love America and swearing they are patriots, the Republicans that have professed to be Christians, are the very same individuals who have rationalized i) ignoring the will of The People ii) bypassing the Constitution iii) doing away with any law that would curb their insatiable ignorance.

There are mechanisms in place to safeguard democracy in America; there are guardrails to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. However, neither the mechanic of democracy nor the guardrails installed during the making of the Republic prevented the failure of a system we all knew was not perfect but believed to be strong enough to sustain repeated assaults. That system failed, spectacularly. So, what gives?


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