A.I. That Will Make One Question His Own Existence

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Neither the onsite crew nor our satellite system offered anything else in regards to The Phenom, but we did learn a few things; so it seemed. The battery operated remote controlled electronic devices travelled the floor of The Phenom unhindered, uninterrupted, thus indicating no object on the floor; so it seems. We also learned, through pictures and videos captured by the drone, there is no alien presence inside the perimeter of The Phenom; so it seems. One important factor we are left with is the fact the circumference delineated by The Phenom is exempt from any change in our atmosphere. Our onsite crew couldn’t simply pack up and return to the office.

As scientists, our primary objective is to understand so we can translate or at the very least explain. We could spend decades trying to dissect the 7-minute recording, trying to make sense of it; the best we probably would come up with is educated guesses, a sacrilege to science. In hindsight, the unfortunate scene you are about to see could have been avoided, Jim said; I could have urged the crew to return to the office to further analyze what they collected on the ground. I could have, Jim repeated twice, made a long pause … and then said, then again how could I? They are scientists; they did not leave the office on a sightseeing adventure; they travelled to The Phenom site to get an understanding of something phenomenal that is happening. That’s exciting! Jim said with some excitement. And of course, – he lowered his voice – as it is common in the scientific world, to find answers comes with some challenges; at times, the cost of finding answers could be the lives of the scientists who are eager to understand, unafraid to step into the unknown with the objective of finding those answers. As such, the next scene which occurred in the Heart of The Phenom could be shocking, disturbing, cool or puzzling.


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