A.I. That Will Make One Question His Own Existence

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Jim paused the video, his face filled the screens once again; he looked more regretful than excited. He made a long pause before saying: earlier I suggested the 7-minute recording could perhaps be a form of communication; although I have no way to be certain at this point, what we are about to see next might get us a little closer to perhaps consider it as an acceptable argument. And even if we were to accept the premise, the more important question would remain: is the communication informative, friendly? Is it an invitation or a warning? To be determined.

Remember the tests the crew performed before the daring journey into the unknown; i) a battery operated remotely controlled device that travelled back and forth through the perimeter of The Phenom ii) another electronic device remotely controlled which drew lines on the floor inside the perimeter of The Phenom iii) a drone which flew inside the perimeter of The Phenom, made readings and snapped pictures. In all three cases, there was no incident; we observed no anomaly. Those activities provided no additional information (complementary or supplementary) to what we already know after watching the 7-minute recording.


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