A.I. That Will Make One Question His Own Existence

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The first test the scientists on the ground conducted consisted in sending a small electronic device, the shape and size of a toy car, battery powered, remotely controlled to travel the diameter of The Phenom, from the crew to the other side. We did that successfully back and forth a few times. Next, we deployed the area marker; it is also a small electronic device, similar to the one used earlier but more sophisticated, also remotely operated. That device is fitted with the ability to draw 2-inch wide lines on any surface. With the help of the remote, the crew navigated the electronic device to travel the diameter of The Phenom and back, visibly leaving two 2-inch lines – two feet apart – that were easily picked up by our satellite and recorded for this presentation, as you can clearly see. In both instances, both devices travelled the perimeter of The Phenom without incident.

It seemed appropriate and apparently safe at that point for the crew to begin prepping to step inside The Phenom site, but before they did, we decided to err on the side of more caution. The crew performed one last test; they sent a small drone inside the perimeter of The Phenom; the drone is equipped with sophisticated computerized electronic devices able to perform various forms of reading: atmosphere, body heat, weather, etc… as well as the ability to snap pictures and record videos. Without incident, the drone performed all those tasks. After reviewing the data, we came to the unanimous conclusion it was safe for the scientists to go inside the perimeter of The Phenom. We all concluded it was safe except that it was not.


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