A.I. That Will Make One Question His Own Existence

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We estimated the radius of The Phenom to be approximately 200 feet forming a circumference of slightly above 1200 feet, a quarter of a mile. The importance of that information will become obvious later. It is perhaps appropriate to also mention our government has cordoned off the area and excluded it from access to the public. A 7-mile radius is now fenced and heavily guarded; for national security reasons, the area is now under constant military surveillance and protection. No one goes in or comes out without being completely stripped naked after being initially cleared to go in or to leave. Jim burst out laughing; he paused then said: imagine ME, me being stripped naked. The room erupted in laughter. When it got quiet, Jim shook his head (in disbelief) and said, there is some entertainment in science after all to which the audience chuckled. I never imagined I could become an actor, especially at my age. Here we are! There is hope for the rest of you. Long pause…

Armed with the information I explained earlier, – you know, before the government stepped in to protect us from aliens – when our crew got to the area, they stopped right at the edge to examine the site, performed various readings and tests with the instruments they brought with them. At the office, we watched live their every move, continuously scanned the immediate surroundings and looked for changes or any disturbance that could put the crew in jeopardy. Needless to point out that uninterrupted two-way communications between the crew and the office was critical and maintained.


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