A.I. That Will Make One Question His Own Existence

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Jim’s face faded away and the live feed is shown on the huge screens in the auditorium; Jim narrated: as you can see, nothing is different from what we already watched earlier in the 7-minute recording; this is just an opportunity to compare our recording of a few months ago with the current display of The Phenom.

Two minutes into the live feed display, Jim interrupted the feed and continued with the presentation. As many in the room were scrambling to record or to take a snapshot of the screens, Jim assured them there was no need to be distracted trying to snap a pic. A full video of this presentation as well as any related document, audio or video of The Phenom will be made available to every participant in the room shortly after concluding the presentation.

Now, Jim said, I urge you all to focus your attention to the screens for a moment; avoid blinking if possible, because what I am about to show you happened so fast you might just miss it; but first take a look at this picture; it is a still image of the site where The Phenom has been for the past few months. As far as eyes can see, the area is flat; the floor covered with dust, just like in a desert but visibly smooth; there has been no environmental disturbance since we stumbled across The Phenom; no wind, no rain, no climate change inside The Phenom; interestingly, our satellite recorded strong winds and rains near the area during that period. It’s worth repeating that The Phenom site was completely unaffected by the environmental changes in the area. Another interesting observation!


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