No Incentive to Uphold Oath of Office when Ignoring the Constitution is Rewarded

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This problem is not new in American politics, and it’s not unique to America either but it tends to linger and expand here because the American constituents in general, the Republicans’ in particular have always condoned wrongdoing by their leaders, and rewarded their mischievous behavior most of the time. This is in essence why there is such lack of accountability of the elected officials. What incentives do they have to do what’s right? What would it benefit them to abide by the Constitution when their supporters do not care much about it either? What incentives do they have to educate their supporters who have expressed often and publicly their divorce with knowledge and the truth?

Elected officials at all level of government have zero reason to do what’s right by the Constitution. The problem used to irritate constituents in the not so distant past, and it turned really bad and angered the supporters. In the past five years however, with constant reference to the other side as an enemy instead of a political opponent, GOP Leaders no longer have to offer much to their supporters; all they have to do is to pin Republicans against Democrats. They have been doing that, and it works. With Donald Trump as the GOP Leader in the 2016 presidential elections, the opposition Party (the Democrats) is referred to over and over again as the enemy of the United States. Sleazy Don – as I referred to Trump during the 2020 presidential elections – exploited and capitalized on the ignorance of his supporters. No longer did it matter their leaders are crooks and scoundrels or corrupt individuals who are disloyal to the country or people who trample the Constitution; none of that matters. Accountability becomes an obscene notion in the Trump administration. We just have to ask, what incentive Republican elected officials and political appointees have to do what’s right when their supporters approve their wrongdoing time and time again, support and defend their disloyalty to America?


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