No Incentive to Uphold Oath of Office when Ignoring the Constitution is Rewarded

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That stain on America’s democracy is impossible to remove; it will forever be part of dark moments in the existence of a country whose leaders have repeatedly claimed to be the “greatest country in the world”. How could America – which has spent so much in money and in blood to mold other countries to its image – let something so macabre, the opposite of what its leaders have always claimed, happen to America, in America?

The answer is perhaps as simple as it is sad: GOP leaders have always traded in deceptions vis-à-vis their constituents who for the most part have basked in ignorance.  GOP Leaders are very rarely if ever held accountable for misleading their supporters; Republican constituents are content with disloyalty to America if the intended objective is to grant them their wishes. As such, i) there exists no guardrail to safeguard from the derailment of a political party (the GOP) which trades almost exclusively in conspiracy theories, ii) and no moral compass to guide such party to do what’s right by the Constitution or at the very least by their fellow countrymen. The question continues to reverberate, what incentive Republican elected officials and political appointees have to do what’s right when their supporters approve their wrongdoing time and time again, support and defend their disloyalty to America?

It is near impossible to imagine a reversal of this type of behavior when both sides seem to benefit, the GOP Leaders get to stay in office, the constituents get to stay ignorant without any fear of rebuke from their leaders.

Any attempt to educate Republican constituents would prove a futile exercise at best for the ignorant are ignorant of their own ignorance. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their conspiracy theories and echoes that sentiment will be ignored which is a dilemma principle guided leaders of the other political party have to contend with.


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