No Incentive to Uphold Oath of Office when Ignoring the Constitution is Rewarded

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Throughout time, wars, competitions, challenges and in modern time in politics, elections have always relied on two or more parties to agree on the most basic aspect of what it means to win or to lose. Through time, the defeated would graciously admit loss and congratulate the victor. Those notions have transcended not just time but also geographic boundaries. It did not matter that the victor resides in Africa and the defeated in America and the competition took place in Asia or in Europe. Everyone abides by the rules, the guidelines and would ultimately accept the outcome (win or loss).

What we just outlined above sounds like a very simple precept, and it is. But what If America would not accept the outcome unless America were to be declared the winner? What if America were to threaten the competition’s organizers unless they announce that America wins no matter the outcome? As unlikely as that scenario might sound, that is exactly what happened right here in the United States of America in the 2020 presidential elections. The loser claims everything is wrong unless he is declared the winner.

At first analysis, his behavior was considered that of a child throwing tantrum. Far from it! We the American People and the rest of the world watched in horror what occurred on the streets of Washington DC on January 6, 2021. It was sheer chaos! It was chaos instigated by the loser who refused to admit the loss and concede like everyone before him did. The question ought to be asked, what incentive Republican elected officials and political appointees have to do what’s right when their supporters approve their wrongdoing time and time again, support and defend their disloyalty to America?


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