America is Screwed – Most GOP Leaders Bet their Careers on Deceptions

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As I write this piece the world bears witness to mankind soaring to higher ground; progress in technology, progress in science, progress in medicine are all pleasantly beyond our wildest dream. The sky, it seems, is no longer the limit; the universe is. Here in the United States, there in England civilians took a trip to space for the first time; that was not a one-off; that is just the beginning. Other countries such as Russia, China are not too far behind to do the same. Soon, taking a trip to space will be common parlance among humans; it will be just like flying to another state or to another country. It is no longer fiction; it is no longer a dream; it has already become reality. Mankind has made so much progress in so many areas of life things are shaping up to acquire eternal life right here on earth or somewhere in space. As of this writing, pharmaceutical and research companies are on the cusp of providing cures for Alzheimer, Parkinson, brain cancer, three of the most debilitating diseases that have eluded us for decades. Flying cars are in the horizon, taking a stroll under the ocean will be as common as going to a promenade.

In the shadow of all those breakthroughs, in America, the GOP Legislators across the country work around the clock to keep their constituents in ignorance; to a large extent, they have already succeeded. To those so-called leaders, it’s better that way; their political careers depend a great deal – if not exclusively – on the ignorance of their constituents; their careers are secure as long as their supporters remain in ignorance. They see their leadership job as a very straightforward proposition: keep them in ignorance or lose election. Most Republican Leaders have made the selfish choice of keeping their post instead of abiding by the Constitution they all took an oath to protect and defend.

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