America is Screwed – Most GOP Leaders Bet their Careers on Deceptions

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After the 2020 presidential elections, the moron who was defeated – lost the elections – didn’t break a sweat to raising $250+ million dollars in a blink of an eye; that was unprecedented. No one has ever attempted to do so after winning let alone after losing but Trump had no difficulty doing so; his worshippers are not bright enough; all he had to do was to exploit the ignorance of the idiots who believed his lies: “he won, he will fight in court to reverse the outcome of the elections”.

Today, millions of idiots and low self-esteem Republicans still believe those lies and continue to use them in arguments to defend their ludicrous position. Fred Eshelman – not a unique or isolated case – dished out $2.5 million to contribute towards ‘the fiction’ of election reversal. Fred is now suing to get his money back because Trump did not stay president. The existence of so many idiots in the Republican Party should not surprise anyone; in 2009, 57% of the Republicans believed Obama was an illegitimate president because he was not born in the country.

More than a decade has passed since; nothing has changed. The same idiots who claimed Obama was an illegitimate president are the same ones who convinced themselves their donations towards Trump’s elaborate scam would fulfill their wish of reversing the election the conman lost.

The greedy bastards – wealthy individuals and corrupt GOP Leaders with no allegiance to the Republic – who financed and riled up those millions of idiots sought to benefit, to profit for amidst chaos & mismanagement, cheating & corruptions usually go unnoticed or ignored. GOP Leaders in general, Mitch McConnell in particular acted swiftly to take advantage of the sheer ignorance of the moron in the Oval Office who was way over his head; Mitch pushed agenda which benefited the wealthy but also placed huge financial burdens on the rest of us.

So much for a government for the people!!!

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