America is Screwed – Most GOP Leaders Bet their Careers on Deceptions

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Millions of people went to the polls not once but twice to elect an individual whose publicly available records leave no ambiguity he is a very corrupt individual, a crook; his obsession for grandeur has made him undoubtedly the most disloyal organism in existence; and yet that’s the individual they chose as their leader and continue to worship as their god. Both times, those millions of naïve, gullible people rationalize their choice; those same individuals would claim without batting an eye they are patriots. To those individuals, to help someone destroy our democracy is patriotic.
It should be obvious at this point ‘those people’ are the Republicans.  By now, it should be common knowledge that to attempt to educate people who are not interested or unwilling to learn and those who are completely ignorant of their own ignorance is a very difficult – if not impossible – task. As I said many times in my social broadcast program “it’s like trying to teach calculus to an individual who can barely add two single digit numbers together and get the right answer”.  Not easy at all!

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