Fuck BLM – We Stand with Cuba

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Their insistence that the rest of us drops everything to stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba is shallow at best, for us Blacks in particular, we know Republicans do not give a damn about our plight. They do not simply ignore us; they work against our interests. We are right here in the United States of America; we are American citizens; we fought for the country; we contribute to its advancement; we cry, we laugh, we mourn, we’re sad. They have ignored us for so long but they now stand on a pedestal to pretend they care about the people of Cuba.

They are stinking liars; they are a bunch of fucking morons who do not deserve a second of our attention. What they see in Cuba is a political carcass they just can’t wait to sink their teeth into. They are what they’ve always been, fucking morons who exploit the ignorance of their supporters.

Remark: We are not against lending support to those who suffer no matter where they’re at; here at People Branch, we support the Cubans’ march to freedom. This article is to emphasize the hypocrisy of the Republicans and outline their disinterest in even addressing problems at home. It is long overdue we all come to the realization that GOP Leaders are fucking morons who care about no one but themselves.

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