Fuck BLM – We Stand with Cuba

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But let’s stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba. They deserve our support. Heck! They deserve our blood. Let’s send soldiers to Cuba to get rid of its dictator. The hypocrisy of the Republicans! Only the ignorant would continue to believe GOP Leaders care about anyone; on January 6, 2021 they showed to the world whom they really are. They give the finger to the Constitution of the United States; they pretend to be patriots; they pretend to be Christians; they pretend to have moral values. In reality, Republicans in general, GOP Leaders in particular have no qualm running the country to the ground. They are a bunch of fucking morons who couldn’t give a damn about anything or anyone.

Anything to improve America is sidelined, argued against or framed as a political fight. Republicans have long worked to oppress Blacks. Their campaign to restrict voting rights, their reluctance to pass the bill on police reform are all chips they use to keep everything the way it has always been; as I so eloquently put it “everything that has changed in America about racism is to make sure nothing is changed”. Republicans sow the plague of injustice against Blacks on the soil of this Republic; the discrimination against Blacks, the inequality, the trampling of civil rights is baked in into the DNA of America, GOP Leaders and influential Republicans leading the charge.

It was slavery; it was equal rights; it was voting rights; it was discrimination; it was inequality; it was injustice; it was civil war. It is still all that. Republicans own it.


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