Fuck BLM – We Stand with Cuba

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We as a country have fallen victims too many times for the cons by those Republican conmen who are masters of deception. Here in the United States, they trample voting rights; they stand against improving the predicament Blacks have lived under in this country since its existence. They have always resisted any initiative that would free Blacks from the system of oppression, of discrimination, of inequality, of injustice; but they are eager to stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba. They are against the oppression the Cubans have lived under; they are against the injustice dealt to them by the Castro regime. They feel for the Cubans. Not so much for Blacks right here in America.

The irony! The hypocrisy!

As if nature wants to make sure we know for certain GOP Leaders don’t give a damn about anyone, across the continent in South Africa (Johannesburg), similar predicament is evolving on the grounds where protests have already claimed the lives of more than 70 people as of this writing; not too far away from Cuba, Haiti is in a state of chaos after its president has been assassinated. Republicans have been silent on both matters; the reasons couldn’t be anymore striking 1) both the protests in Johannesburg and Haiti involve Blacks 2) GOP Leaders do not see how they would capitalize on either.


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