Fuck BLM – We Stand with Cuba

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But the people of Cuba marching against a regime who has inflicted on them similar treatment blacks have endured in the hands of law enforcement in America deserve America’ sympathy; we ought to support them; we ought to stand in solidarity with the Cubans for far too long they have suffered in the hands of an authoritarian. We Americans cannot possibly stand on the sideline watching that happen. We must do something.

Here comes Marco Rubio who yearns to be president! Viva Cuba! Patria y Vida! The march could be the moment he’s been waiting for. He wants the Cuban-Americans to know he too understands what they’re going through. He vows to do everything possible to help the Cuban people. Here follows Ted Cruz “your message is being heard, your bravery is being seen, and it’s worth it”. To Ted Cruz, to Marco Rubio, to GOP Leaders, Cubans’ march against oppression is bravery but Blacks’ marching against injustice, against police brutality, against violation of their rights is a sacrilege America should not tolerate. Call the SWAT team. Heck! Call the national guards. Fuck Blacks!

It is as if Rubio or Cruz or any other GOP Leader cares about the little island or anybody else for that matter. They do not. It is not the Cubans Marco Rubio and the rest of the Republicans are interested in; it’s the stinking smell of a political opportunity that can help him be on the spotlight, an opportunity to elevate himself, to break away from the crowd of aspirants to the presidency.


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